Friday, May 8, 2009

I've been growing my marijuana in a pc grow box for the past 2 years. It saves me a lot of money because I don't have to pay for it anymore, and its fun. Plus I get to pick and choose which strains I want to grow, and the type of high I want (head or body) by choosing to harvest early or late. I currently grow in two PC grow boxes; a larger server tower which is 21" and a smaller one which is 18". I usually grow the lowryder marijuana strains in the 18" grow box because lowryder does not get very tall at all; lowryder #1 only gets up to 18" so it makes it easy to grow in a small area. I grow all different kinds of strains in my server tower, from orange kush to afghani. All I do is use low stress training techniques to make the plant grow horizontally through a mesh shelf and wind the marijuana plant through as it grows. I also invoke flowering after 2 weeks. This is all it takes, and is very rewarding and fun.
The reason why I grow in a PC grow box is because a lot of my roommates are anti-marijuana, and would probably think I'm some sort of Alien if they found out i grow it. I'm still in college and tend to have a lot of different people coming through the house I live in, along with parties, so stealth is an absolute must. For smell I use some odor absorbing gel near my PC grow boxes which actually eliminates smell and doesn't just mask it. I also use odor eliminating compact fluorescent bulbs which are commonly used at pig farms to eliminate smell. Both of these tools used together make it so I cannot smell anything even when i stick my nose up to the pc grow box. Problem solved.